Inclusion is powerful - and possible!  The SACL presents three compelling thirty-second videos for theatrical, broadcast, and online distribution. Created in-house by Saskatchewan Association for Community Living, each vignette is a candid and insightful look into the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. 


Moose Jaw's Emmy Barr needs no introduction. As the reigning Queen of Caramel, and 2nd place winner in the Just Watch Me contest, Emmy is already a well known figure in the community. She prepares a wide variety of caramel delectables using her great-grandmother's secret recipe, which she then sells at art shows, craft sales, and other large events. In this spot, we spent an entire day with Emmy, following her every move as she created her treats and sold them to eager customers at a local craft sale. 

Jack, Eric, & David are three best friends who are in the process of moving out of Moose Jaw's Valley View Centre. After the announcement of the institution's closure, the three guys were asked where they the wanted to live and who they'd like to live with. They all chose to move out together and into a house in Moose Jaw. This spot follows the three guys as they head out for a night on the town. 


The Moxie Club is a Moose Jaw organization that puts on social events for children with intellectual disabilities. They include the kids in dances, movie nights, art & crafts, and equine therapy. This spot follows the Moxie Club kids on a typical Saturday.